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Strategic Marketing For Sri Lanka Airlines

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This strategic marketing plan focuses on marketing strategies of the SriLankan Airline Strategic Business Unit (SBU), in Sri Lanka. The strategies are concerned with the market, product, pricing, distribution and communication/ promotion strategies for the Srilankan Air Taxi. The time period for the strategic marketing plan for SriLankan airline will take place over 3 years from July 1st 2008 to July 1st 2010.

Market strategies for the SriLankan Air Taxi are to employ a multi-market strategy, whilst retaining the overall strategy of the company. Commitment to the SBU with specific reference to the Air Taxi will be increased. SriLankan airline will aspire to be among the early entrants within the market for Air Taxi, taking advantage of information already created or obtained from competitors within the industry.

Product strategies for the Air Taxi will begin with a multiple product strategy to increase their time scheduling for customer to choose. Besides that, the Product-Improvement Strategy is adopted, where our Air Taxi services are improved and enhanced to better meet the specific needs of their customers. Pricing strategies are predominantly concerned with maintaining the price base on SriLankan Air Taxi’s positioning on the marketplace. Using flexible price strategy, the price of the travelling with Air Taxi will be differentiated by different geographic locations to make the price be fairer.

The distribution strategies are concerned with increasing the sales volume during 2008- 2010. Strategies in this section also involve maintaining relationships with retailers within Sri Lanka to sell those Air Taxi tickets and providing full support and feedback in these areas. The communication strategies are concerned with maintaining the leading position of the SriLankan Air Taxi within Sri Lanka to increase market share. It also involves persuading new customers to travel with SriLankan Air Taxi and persuading existing customers to keep travelling with SriLankan Air Taxi using advertising, internet marketing, and sales promotions.

The implementation table details each strategy for the SriLankan Air Taxi, selected timeframe for implementation and how the company should measure the outcome of the objectives. This strategic plan details strategies for the years 2008- 2010. However, to monitor internal and external environmental changes, the strategic marketing plan should be reviewed annually to ensure objectives remain consistent with the goals of the company for the future.


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