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June 5, 1944
I'm really wondering why the hell I enlisted. Everything was going right, I got a girlfriend I couple college scholarships and new friends. I just had to decide to serve my country and honor my family. I think you should be able to serve your country by sittin at home and being a normal citizen. I have no idea what was going through my head. D-day's tomorrow and I'm probably going to get torn to shreds. A bunch of guys are throwing up r holding their heads wondering why they decided to do this. I'm one of the many who ended up doing both. I hear the Germans are vicious and they'll stop at nothing to kill they're enemies. Great, I'm headed off to war and probably gonna die the first day I'm in action. Made a friend or to along the way. Ryan or as we call him Beafy is the most bulky guy with glasses you'll ever meet. The only other guy I've met is chubs. He's the skinniest fat guy you'll ever meet. He could eat a whole buffet and still stay in shape. I never did learn his real name......

Early morning June 6, 1944
Apparently if we thought boot camp was tough we had another thing comoing "welcome to hell boys" were our division leaders words this morning. I've earned the name Brooklyn somehow. I guess I look like I would be from there or somethin? Can't write much now, I have to go puke out whats left in my gut.....

Night, June 10, 1944,
I'M ALIVE! Somehow I managed to survive! I guess I was one of the few lucky ones. My division got split apart so me, Ryan, Chubs, and corporal Evans are now in division Charlie 437. I probably should explain myself in case someone finds this when I die. I'm private James Everage. I'm 18 turning 19 march 14th. My father died when I was 4 and my mother is recently remarried. My girlfriend's name is Jackie and I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I'm full of adrenaline so my writing has gotta be crappy. Wow, I'm alive.....

Night, June 12, 1944,
Somehow I thought life in a war zone would be more exiting then this. Ever since D-day its just been patrolling. A couple of the guys have gotten torn apart by land mines or Germans with machine guns.... I've just been lyin around here waitin to get in the fight...... I guess it better than getting shot up by some Germans..... It kinda sucks....Bobby got shot up today....................... Not much to write about now....

Morning, June 13, 1944,
FINALLY! Me and the squad are going to go on some patrols! I didn't want to be here anyway so might as well get some action in. Squad leader named Dylan (Surprisingly enough no one has named him otherwise yet) made me the new machine gunner. Since Bobby got all shot up yesterday. Now I'm using a M3 45. Caliber machine gun instead of an M1 grand rifle. Ready to kill so Germans!
-Jared Johnson


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