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Tears Of A Tiger

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The Plot....The tone of the book was very depressing. The time era of
the book was the 1980's-1999. This book is an adult and child book. It deals
with coping with the loss of a loved one and a good friend, battle with a
psychiatrist . The age group of kids in story was teenagers. It deals with
alcohol, mental illness, internal struggle and realization. The main character
was a male his status was a student. His sense of humor was mostly serious wit
occaisional .He had average intelligence and he was very athletic. The main
adversary was a male teen student he is present throughout most of the book.
This charater is sensitive to other peoples feelings. The setting is the United
States/ Southeast . The style of the book was a lot of playon words, a lot of
flashback and fowards and it was written like journals, diaries, or letters might
be written. Robbie, Andy, Tyrone, and B.J. go out drinking after a basketball
game. Andy is driving and careens into a wall. All but Robbie escape because
his feet are lodged in the windshield. The car bursts into flames and Robbie is
burned to death. Andy is trying to deal with the death of his best friend. He
feels he has caused his friend to die. Everyone affected by the accident deals
with it in a different way. The whole book focuses on how Andy deals with the
Tears Of a Tiger was about Robbie, Andy, Tyrone, and B.J.
had just won an important basketball game. They decided to get together and
go celebrate their victory. They had started drinking, all except for B.J. who
had never drunk in his life. They heard honking, but just laughed because of
the alcohol. All of a sudden, a wall is in front of them and before they know it,
they hit it. Three of the guys get out, but Robert Washington, Andy's best
friend and captain of the Hazelwood Basketball Team is pinned inside of the
car. Two guys rush over to help Robert out, but as soon as they get on the
hood, they are thrown off after a loud bang. The gas tank explodes with Robert
pinned inside and he burns to death. Now, months later, Andy can't stop
blaming himself. As he turns away from family, friends, and even his
girlfriend, he finds he is losing the most precious thing of all- his ability to face
the future. When he tries to go to sleep, Robert comes into his dreams and tells
him it is all his fault, but he forgives him for everything. One night Andy starts
thinking about suicide and he can't get hold of his psychologist.
The death of Rob Washington, captain of the Hazelwood High
basketball team and fun-loving friend to all, affects the entire school. But
perhaps the person most profoundly impacted is Andy, who cannot come to
terms with his friend's death and his role in it. Tormented by feelings of guilt
and sorrow, Andy withdraws from everyone who cares for him: family,
friends, teachers, his girlfriend. Hiding his pain behind a mask of laughing
antics, he finds himself unable to reconcile the past, cope with the present, or
envision a future.


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