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Why Pursue Further Studies

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Although my Career aspirations are not yet solidified, I have a clear picture of the path I wish to travel. My career progress to date ABC Company has provided me with a great opportunity to observe and be a part of what it takes to manage and run a company from the executive level. I take pride in what I do and very much appreciate the opportunity at ABC

In addition to the education, experience and on the job training I get, I realize I need to get further education. This will enable me to reach my career goal, to obtain an executive position in a dynamic company in the next 6 years. At ABC I have been involved in major business decisions enabling me to explore and apply my theoretical training.

I realize through further studies and getting an advanced degree from an accredited university, I will be able to make myself more Marketable in the competitive business world. This will make it possible for me to be able to smoothly advance in my career and be a great asset to the company.

I would also like to reach my goal of financial freedom. Through further education, I will be able to enhance my earning potential and earn a higher salary. There is a proven correlation between higher salaries and higher education. From the research done by the American Management Association, it was determined, MBA degree holders can earn up to 145% more during their lifetime than those without advanced degrees.

Finally, I would like to further my personal growth through knowledge (Knowledge is Power). Further education is the way to go for me and as far as I am concerned, when it comes to education, the sky is the limit.

The University of XYX's combination of superior faculty and State-of-the-art facilities and diverse Student body makes it the ideal environment in which to broaden my knowledge of Business Administration and Management. The MBA Program will give me training to perform competitively in the business world. I have the background and commitment to succeed in the University of XYX's rigorous MBA Program.


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