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Consumerism: From Luxuries to Necessities
Nowadays, consumerism has been a dangerous problem to human being, especially for them who live in big cities. What is consumerism? According to Oxford Dictionary, consumerism is ~{!0~}the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of goods~{!1~} (1). To me, consumerism is a way of thinking that increase consuming goods in bigger increment or change one~{!/~}s lifestyle will provide greater benefit without thinking of their true needs. Consumerism will bring more harm than good because it can lead to financial problem, reduce health, damage our environment, and damage our relationship with others in society.
Consumerism encourages people to buy anything that are up-to-date. They are most likely to change their things to the latest one, such as plasma TV, high technology cellular phone and newest fashion. These will help the country~{!/~}s economy to grow, because trading flows very well in that condition. The citizens will be all developed to a more modern community. People will try to invent more that can help to raise their standard of living. If the country is economically better off, then other area will likely be to be affected in a positive manner, then so does the other field; like politically and militarily.
However, if this happens for a long term, the local producers are unable to provide sufficient amt of good according to the demand. They will start to import goods from other country, which will increase the value of other currency. Automatically, this will lower down the country~{!/~}s currency itself. The result is inflation will occur.
Moreover, citizen wouldn~{!/~}t save so much money in the bank because they tend to spend their money for buying those goods. This will lead to financial problem and poverty because their income will be lower then their expense. When their savings cannot cover up their expenditure, poverty will come about in long term effect. Thus, this will put strain on the relationship between husband wife and children because of the lack in their economy, and it will be worsen by the arising criminality level in the entire country. Farmers from villages will be attracted to come to city because consumer will buy fast foods and instant food, make them bankrupt.
~{!0~}The mindset of humans as consumer objects triumphs when women, failing to meet the standards dictated by the availability of the above services, are traded in for a newer model. This same way of thinking allows parents justify entering their little girls in beauty contests as though they were prize livestock.~{!1~} (Consumerism 1). Women strive to beautify themselves by weight training, diet, breast enhancement, cosmetic surgery, permanent eye make-up, and liposuction. These all will guide them to these all will likely to lead them to malnutrition, various form of cancer, or unintended flaws.
Eating fast food is one example of consumerism. People who worship hedonism, which are individuals who lives only for pleasure, automatically wants to eat good foods and try new one. Somehow influenced by the advertisement, and most of them are addicted to it. The good taste or the excess flavor-enhancer masks up the unbalanced nutrition in the food. It is not good for our health because it is excess in carbohydrates and fats, but lack in fiber. It also can cause lead to obesities. Hillary Mayer said that in the United States, an estimated 65 percent of adults are overweight or obese, and the country has the highest rate of obesity among teenagers in the world. Soaring rates of heart disease and diabetes, surging health care costs, and a lower quality of day-to-day life are the result. (2)
In addition to the harmful health, consumerism cause bad effect to our environment. According to Gary Gardner, director of research for Worldwatch Institute, "Most of the environmental issues we see today can be linked to consumption. As just one small example, there was a story in the newspaper just the other day saying that 37 percent of species could become extinct due to climate change, which is very directly related to consumption." (Mayer1). This happens because too much goods that people sell and buy are not environmentally friendly; for instance air conditioner with CFC and foods that should be provided for millions of people. Mayer said that ~{!0~}To provide enough beef, chicken, and pork to meet the demand, the livestock industry has moved to factory farming. Producing eight ounces of beef requires 6,600 gallons (25,000 liters) of water; 95 percent of world soybean crops are consumed by farm animals, and 16 percent of the world's methane, a destructive greenhouse gas, is produced by belching, flatulent livestock. The enormous quantities of manure produced at factory farms become toxic waste rather than fertilizer, and runoff threatens nearby streams, bays, and estuaries~{!1~}(2). Besides, factories produce goods that emit carbon dioxide. These worsen the current global warming condition. All of these are done just to satisfy the consumerism behavior.
People who consume a lot will incur debt. They have to work for a longer time to pay for their high consumption; therefore they spend less time with their families and friends. Relationship with others will be damaged because of consumerism behavior.
In conclusion, consumerism has more of the negative sides than the positive ones. We should avoid consumerism because it cause poverty, damage our health, harm our environment, and lose relationship in our society with others.


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