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Gangster Disciples

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The organization of the Gangster Disciples and their battle plans were created by Gangster Disciple’s chief, Larry King Hoover. They modeled this after Chicago's Italian Mafia, the top-down organization has always strived for discipline, respect, and to respect the hierarchy. At the top is the chairman, in this case it is Hoover, and two boards of directors, one controls street operations and the other controls imprisoned gang members. Under the directors are about 15 governors who look over up to 1,500 members each in specific territories. These territories are subdivided between regents and coordinators in which they distribute drugs, oversee operations, manage security forces, and collect profits and dues called street taxes. At the bottom of the organization are enforcers and shorties. Enforcers mete out fines and violations which included punishments ranging from beatings to death for members who break gang rules. Shorties execute drug deals and guard gang territory.
The gang lures young recruits from poor and jobless communities with the promise of easy cash ($50 to $200 a day) and bigger responsibilities like working security shifts with powerful handguns. Hoover has drafted rules for the members. They include prohibition from using addictive drugs, stealing from or showing disrespect to other members, engaging in homosexual rape and being a bad sport. Exercise and cleanliness are also required. It was very strict. You had to have total respect, once a former Gangster Disciples member stated. The main reason that the Gangster Disciples had this model of organization was that it was a very sophisticated and organized form of their organized crime model.
The way that the Gangster Disciples run their gang does have the patron-client relationship that usual Italian crime families have. For one the Gangster Disciples required a membership in which they might beat you as you walk down “the line” in which gang members will beat you up and you will need to stay up or do it again if you fail. Also there are 16 rules that all members must memorize. If the Gangster Disciples did use the patron-client relationship then the whole structure will change since they do not use their powerful to protect non-members. They would need to make another group on their structure to have an patron-client relationship.


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